Morning Roar: Ross discusses Packers cut

Good morning and ROOOAARR!!!

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Jeremy Ross knew it was a possibility. He had misplayed and then fumbled a kickoff return against Cincinnati. His production was down.

And Green Bay was having major depth issues at running back. So he understood the situation, realized if the Packers needed to add a player, there was a chance he might no longer be a Packer.

And the day after Green Bay lost to Cincinnati, 34-30, that’s exactly what happened. That was how he explained it to those who asked as well.

"I have to take full responsibility for me not being there," Ross said Tuesday. "If I was balling out, making plays like I was supposed to, I would still be there. I definitely have to look in the mirror and take full responsibility for what happened.

"I can’t blame coaches, like, 'Ahh, they don’t know what they are talking about, they don’t know what they are doing.’ It’s on me."

Ross, used almost exclusively as a returner in Green Bay, had six kick returns this season for 75 yards and two punt returns for 20 yards.

When Green Bay released him, he also felt he would eventually get another chance. He used the past two weeks to return home to California, to rest up. Then his agent called. Detroit was interested in a workout.

He performed for the Lions, who coincidentally just lost to the Packers, 22-9, on Sunday. Then they offered him a spot on the team’s practice squad, which he accepted.

Even after his release from the Packers, something he said he "was sad" about, he was confident he would eventually receive another shot.

"I just had to work through it," Ross said. "I wasn’t really afraid as far as me getting another opportunity. I felt like kind of my name was out there and I would get another shot, at least try out for a team. Wasn’t too worried about it."

After two weeks sitting at home, he has another place to play in the NFL.

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