Ndamukong Suh enters MVP Watch

Another week, another Detroit Lions player enters colleague Dan Graziano's MVP Watch.

Already this season, Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush have been part of the discussion at one time or another.

Now, a defensive player: Ndamukong Suh.

Suh is the second-highest defensive player on Graziano's list and the No. 6 player overall.

He probably has this correct in terms of actual Lions here. Suh is the player who really forces everything to come together defensively, because when teams are focusing on how to stop him, it allows others to make plays.

And although he may not have actual stats that an MVP would have, his ability to pressure quarterbacks has gotten stats for others, something Suh will proudly tell you. So for now, he is probably the most worthy Lion to be on this list.

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