Lions 21st in Power Rankings

The first Power Rankings of the season were released Tuesday afternoon and the Detroit Lions are one of two teams making the biggest jump.

Detroit moved from 24th to 21st in the latest rankings, motoring past Carolina and San Diego.

Other than Green Bay, which sits fifth in the rankings, the rest of the NFC North is bunched fairly close together. Chicago is 14th and Minnesota, the Lions' Week 1 opponent, is 17th.

The Power Rankings also brings up an interesting stat with Detroit from a season ago. It mentioned how the Lions receivers were stopped 5 yards or fewer from the end zone 23 times last season. The rankings said that was the highest number in the league last year.

If you're curious about the entirety of the rankings, check them out here. Also worth noting: Detroit's Week 2 opponent, Arizona, is 26th in the rankings.