Morning Roar: Where did Johnson go?

Good morning and ROOOOAAARRR!!!!

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Of all the questions from Sunday's 37-27 loss to Pittsburgh, the biggest one for the Detroit Lions might have been the shift from receiver Calvin Johnson in the second half of the loss.

In the first half, he was targeted 10 times and caught six passes for 179 yards. In the second half, Johnson had no catches, no yards and was only thrown to three times. On Monday, Detroit coach Jim Schwartz said despite the statistics, Detroit didn't go away from Johnson in the second half.

"We weren’t going away from him. We wanted to keep throwing to him. We threw the ball to him in two critical situations," Schwartz said. "One was a third-and-goal and they doubled him, as we expect. We still threw the ball to him and he wasn’t able to get it down and another was on the ball we got intercepted late in the game, which was a repeat of the play we scored with him earlier in the game."

Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford said after the game Pittsburgh didn't change coverages on Johnson in the second half and that the Steelers were doubling him most of the game.

Even Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin said the Steelers didn't really do anything different on Johnson from one half to another.

"It might just have been what they didn't do," Tomlin said. "That guy is an awesome football player."

As for what Johnson saw, he didn't talk after the game.

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