S Glover Quin planning to play Sunday

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Glover Quin couldn’t finish Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh with an injury to his left ankle, but apparently this isn’t a new issue.

No, Quin has been dealing with the injury since Week 4.

Now, though, Quin did not practice Wednesday and showed up at practice with a protective boot on his left foot. He doesn’t though, think it will hurt his chances of playing Sunday.

“Planning on it,” Quin said.

Quin, though, has long been one of the more important pieces of the Detroit defense. He has been a consistent playmaker in the back end for the Lions, along with a calming presence for fellow safety Louis Delmas.

Combined, they have been a reliable piece of the Lions defense.

“He was, we said this from the very beginning, he was a key addition for us,” Detroit coach Jim Schwartz said. “He’s battled through some ankle injuries over the last month or so but he’s been out there. Unfortunately wasn’t able to finish the Steelers game for us but just exactly what we’re looking for in the position. There’s a calming, veteran presence to him.

“All those different things we can use in the matchup. He’s good at all three levels. He can blitz. he can play man, he can play zone. Hopefully he’s getting a little better each week, too. Tough situation when you’re a defensive back and your mobility is hampered a little bit.”

For Detroit, the Lions are hoping Quin’s availability remains as it has been -- there and ready to play.