Morning Roar: Three in ESPN top 300

Good morning (from New York!) and ROOOAAARRR!!!!

My fine colleagues over on the recruiting side of things at ESPN.com put together a pretty interesting list Wednesday looking back at all of the recruiting classes since 2006 in college.

From those players, they decided the best 300 recruits picked up during that period. Of course, it's a list full of some of the top players still in college and in the NFL.

Why is this relevant on an NFL site? Well, three Detroit Lions made the list.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford came in at No. 15 overall. He was the No. 5 player in the Class of 2006.

Defensive tackle Nick Fairley was No. 125 after being unranked in the Class of 2007 and wide receiver Ryan Broyles was No. 149 after also being unranked in the Class of 2007.

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