Caldwell likes two-point experimentation

Jim Caldwell hasn't even met with his full team yet, but the first-year Detroit Lions head coach is already looking forward to the preseason.

Specifically, two games of it.

Those two games would be the ones where the NFL is going to tinker with the point-after-touchdown rules in a way to see if it can make going for two a more intriguing option than it currently is.

"The first two games of the preseason, we’re going to have an opportunity kind of mess around a little bit with our PAT," Caldwell said during an appearance on "Mike & Mike," live from Detroit. "So it’s going to give teams maybe a little bit more emphasis on the two-point play, give you an opportunity to go for it a little bit more and make the game a little more interesting. And if you’re going to kick it, you’re going to kick from the 20-yard-line."

This isn't something that will happen during the regular season -- at least not now -- but Caldwell said he thinks having the rules shift for a couple of preseason games could actually change how coaches contemplate the one-versus-two debate after touchdowns during the regular season in the future.

"I think it's going to happen a little bit more often than one might think," Caldwell said.

To listen to Caldwell's whole appearance on the morning show, check out this link.

Caldwell also spoke with reporters after his appearance, where he touched on a couple of different topics.

He told the Detroit Free Press that the team isn't in pursuit of receiver DeSean Jackson right now, but never say never. Caldwell also reiterated to the newspaper that all options are open when it comes to a backup quarterback.