Lions Mailbag: All about the draft

A lot of draft questions in this week's Lions Mailbag, so let's get to it.

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On to your questions.

Jordan from email asks Do you think the Lions will go all defense for the first three rounds of the draft? I've been seen more three round mock drafts that show us going first round cornerback, second round outside linebacker, third round strong safety.


While my opinion would treat that as a smart play, I don't think the Lions will end up doing that. They seem enamored with grabbing a wide receiver somewhere near the top of the draft -- certainly in the first three rounds. That's a fairly intelligent thing to do, especially since there is still a hole there and the draft will be pretty deep at the position in those rounds. So don't be surprised to see something like two defensive picks and a receiver or tight end in the first three rounds -- although that could change if the Lions end up making a trade.