Morning Roar: Which Lions are these?

Good morning and ROOOOAAAARRRR!!!!!

Over the past 48 hours in Allen Park, Mich., there has been a lot of chatter over whether or not this Detroit Lions team is the same one as the continually struggling squads of years past.

This year's group of Detroit players, though, don't buy that according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

Well, this week can eliminate that moniker from this particular Detroit team for the entire year no matter what happens the rest of the season. Why? Simple.

The Lions have never won in Washington, D.C. Not at FedEx Field, where Detroit is 0-3. Not since 1937, when the Redskins moved to the nation's capital. That's 21 games. Think of it like this: William Clay Ford Jr., the 88-year-old owner of the Lions, was not even a teenager then. The last time Detroit beat this franchise on the road, it came on Oct. 13, 1935, a 17-7 win ... in Boston.

The Henry Ford, a museum located not far from the Lions' practice facility in Allen Park, Mich., was open for two years when Detroit last beat this franchise on the road. It was originally known -- and likely still known back then -- as the Edison Institute Museum.

So it's been a long time.

A win Sunday? Then these Lions would not be the same old Lions at all.

And now a look at the Lions from around the Interwebs: