Morning Roar: Bush and the Lions

The Lions, lying in wait for the new year ...

Reggie Bush said on NBC Sports Network on Thursday that he would like to retire as a member of the Detroit Lions after playing for at least five more seasons.

That's nice in theory. It's probably unrealistic as a form of practice.

Bush is already 29 years old and that's an age where running backs typically are at the tail end of their prime. He's also proven to not be the most durable player, having played in all 16 games only twice in his career.

While there is no doubt he is still productive -- he rushed for 1,006 yards last season and gained 506 yards receiving -- five years from now he probably won't look anything like the running back he now is.

Bush keeps himself in extremely good shape and there's a chance the new offense under Joe Lombardi limits his touches and receptions, meaning he could preserve the abuse his body has taken over the past three seasons.

But five seasons is still five seasons and it would also mean the Lions would have to commit to giving Bush a new contract after his deal expires following the 2016 season, when he would be 31 years old. That might not be the best investment, either, if history is a guide.

It is good for Detroit, though, that a player like Bush would say he wants to stay with the Lions the rest of his career.

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