Best Game Ever: RB Reggie Bush

Throughout this week, we'll have various Detroit Lions talk about the best game they ever played in -- college or pro.

All the players I spoke with for this -- one for each day of the week -- ended up going with an NFL game.

Friday concludes the series with running back Reggie Bush.

Date: Feb. 7, 2010

Opponent: New Orleans Saints versus Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl XLIV

Score: New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17

How Bush fared: Bush had five carries for 25 yards and four receptions for 38 yards. He was targeted five times in the game on 22 routes. He also had one punt return for four yards.

Why this game: "For me personally? It's hard to say. I've had a lot of good games. I could easily say the Super Bowl. I could easily say the National Championship. I could say the [2005] Notre Dame game. There's a lot of games I could say. It's hard."

Reporter: OK, so say NFL.

Bush: "The NFL, I would say the Super Bowl. I would say the significance behind it. It wasn't just about winning the game. It was about winning for the city and then the time that it came, four years removed from Hurricane Katrina. The city was still trying to pick itself up, so to speak, and the fans, the people needed something like that. Something special that they could be happy for. It was just everything that it represented, man. It was so much more than football for us."