Morning Roar: Bring the noise, eventually

The Lions, lying in wait for the new year...

One of the things that went unused during spring drills for the Detroit Lions -- aside from players like Joique Bell and Ezekiel Ansah who didn't participate much -- was the application of any sort of distraction.

No simulated crowd noise. No blasting of rock music or straight metal or hardcore rap. Nope. Nothing. Just silence and the cadence of quarterback calls and coaches coaching.

In the spring, with the Lions still learning the offense and the defense, Lions coach Jim Caldwell chose to go without it. But don't worry, he'll bring the noise soon.

"We do it. We just didn’t do it this spring," Caldwell said. "We’re not playing next week, so when you get to the fall you’ll start to see those things on both sides of the ball. Every day, either your offense is going to have to deal with the noise or your defense at home has to deal with the noise.

"So, we work that constantly. Typically, we’ll use music rather than crowd noise. Sometimes it’s a little bit more entertaining.”

It'll be interesting to see what selections he makes -- and if he lets the players have a say as well.

Just as a bit of a housekeeping note -- Morning Roar will go on hiatus for the next few weeks as the true offseason hits but will return before training camp starts. If you have any suggestions for how to improve the Roar in Year 2, feel free to email me at michael.rothstein@espn.com.

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