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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
A look at the Lions' WR cap since 2010

By Michael Rothstein

The numbers are huge, mostly because the best receiver in the game is among them. When you look at the cap and cash numbers as a position for the Detroit Lions' wide receivers, it appears the team is spending an extreme amount at the position.

In some cases, the team was. But with Calvin Johnson on the roster and bringing in at least $8 million a year against the cap for every year since 2010, the numbers will look a little bit inflated. The question is not whether Johnson was worth the money -- he was and remains to be worth it -- but whether the complementary receivers were worth their cost.

Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson has counted at least $8 million against the salary cap every year since 2010.
In looking at the wide receiver numbers since 2010, the team has been pretty consistent in how much it has allotted to the cap at the position, mostly because of the consistency of Johnson. Other than him, the players have fluctuated and some of Detroit’s misses on picks and free agents become accentuated.

So here is a look at Detroit’s cap situation with receivers over the past five seasons, including who is under contract for the 2014 season. Every other year is based on the players on the team at the end of the year.

Prior cap studies: Running back
Total numbers: $20,916,227 (cap value); 32.61 percent (offensive cap percentage); 15.20 percent (total cap percentage); $19,139,409 (cash value).

By players:
Total numbers: $15,101,501 (cap value); 25.49 percent (offensive cap); 14.43 (total cap); $29,017,042 (cash value).

By players:
Total numbers: $17,887,996 (cap value); 28.71 percent (offensive cap); 14.83 percent (total cap); $29,915,532 (cash value).

By players:
Total numbers: $19,433,849 (cap value); 30.71 percent (offensive cap); 16.61 percent (total cap); $18,872,324 (cash value).

By players:
Total numbers: $20,589,676 (cap value); 28.24 percent (offensive cap); 18.03 percent (total cap); $23,163,235 (cash value).

By players: