Detroit Lions: Boise State Broncos

If Detroit navigates the first half of its schedule and is still in playoff contention, how it fares during the second half of November could dictate the Lions' playoff fate. Back-to-back road games against Arizona and New England, followed by a quick turnaround to face Chicago on Thanksgiving, are three games against likely playoff contenders in a short stretch. It is a brutal schedule for the Lions. Survive that -- going 2-1 or better -- and the Lions could end up in the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Kellen Moore figured it was eventually going to happen. He had heard the yearly rumors when he was in college at Boise State. At some point, one job opening would be enticing enough for Chris Petersen to leave the Broncos.

It took another job in the northwest to do it, albeit in a bigger conference with a higher salary just at the time when the BCS was folding shop and turning into a four-team playoff. And Moore found out Petersen was departing just like everyone else.

"I texted him after a few times and I'm sure I'll talk to him," Moore said. "He's got a million things going on right now."

Moore, of course, was Petersen's quarterback at Boise State from 2008-11, when he led the Broncos to three one-loss seasons and an undefeated year in 2009.

And after most of those years, he at least heard rumblings about his coach's possible departure.

"Yeah, I think everyone was surprised just because you were used to seeing it every year," Moore said. "Every year you dealt with it.

"But I think the more you realize Washington, Washington is the perfect fit for him. Fits his personality. I think it's just a good spot."