Eric Ebron gets Matthew Stafford customized Air Jordans for wedding gift

Matthew Stafford is less than two weeks from getting hitched. His bachelor party -- and the bachelorette party of his soon-to-be-wife, Kelly Hall -- has happened. And now, the gifts are rolling in.

Hall, a former Georgia cheerleader, posted one of their gifts on Instagram, and it is a unique one. Instead of buying the Staffords a blender or furniture or something equally bland, tight end Eric Ebron went a different direction. Ebron, a noted sneakerhead, decided to get the soon-to-be newlyweds matching custom Jordans.

Not a bad gift at all, especially since Hall has shown often on Instagram how much she enjoys actually playing basketball. And they look comfortable enough to lounge around the house in as well. The Stafford-Hall wedding is April 4.