QOTW: Free year's supply of what?

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Nate Burleson received a free year's supply of DiGiorno Pizza coupons in October, sparking his interest in possibly putting together a commercial for them and also, well, a lot of free pizza.

It also gave us an idea. What do other Lions want a free year's supply of? And what about Burleson himself? Welcome to this week's Question of the Week (also featuring a guest appearance by a Pittsburgh Steeler).

Wide receiver Nate Burleson: I don’t know but I’m racking up these year supplies, though. Year supply of Skittles. Just got the box today.

What did you get a year’s supply of Skittles for?

Burleson: I don’t know, man. I’m getting a lot of stuff these days. Dearborn Brands meat, I think I’m turning into the food guy. Send him some food, he’ll Instagram yet.

So like Nate’s Bistro? Nate’s restaurant?

Burleson: Cafe Nate.

Burleson (later): I’m getting hooked up, man. Skittles sent me this man, yeah. All I got to do is put my Skittles grin on, Instagram it. You feel me? Put my hat on, gotta represent the D while I’m doing it. You know what I’m saying. ... Year’s supply. Free Skittles. You guys like Skittles?

WR Jeremy Ross: That’s a good question. Girl Scout cookies. Thin mints. They the bomb. Best cookies out, made. I’m telling you. That would be on point. On point.

CB Rashean Mathis: Golf balls. I’m an avid golfer.

Avid or average?

Mathis: Avid. I’m way above average. That’s what I do. I probably have fallen in love with that more than anything else, other than my wife and son.

WR Kevin Ogletree: Gas. Why do you think?

I have my reasons.

Ogletree: If you didn’t have to pay for gas, you would go everywhere and everything would be convenient.

Steelers WR Antonio Brown: Dental floss. I love to floss, especially after you eat a lot. I usually keep a couple in my pocket just to make sure my teeth are clean and make sure I don’t get cavities at the dentist. I floss every time after I eat.

C Dominic Raiola: No idea. I mean, steak? Filet mignon. You have a year’s supply, it’s expensive and I eat it a lot.

TE Joseph Fauria: Oh jeez. Gotta be food. Gotta be a food. Double-doubles. In N' Out double-doubles.

TE Brandon Pettigrew: That's tough. Anything? Ooh. I have no idea what I would pick. Probably, I have no idea. I want to say something right in front of me like lotion but I'd probably say shoes or something. I don't know. Probably be something food related, like chips or something.

TE Martell Webb: Jordans.

WR Kris Durham: I would take a year’s supply of, that’s tough. A year’s supply of, to go with the food aspect, I’d go with Chipotle burritos.

That’s probably what I’d go with, too.

Durham: Yeah, it’s pretty solid.