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Tragedy at Boston: An inside view

April, 16, 2013

BOSTON -- The day started out no different than any other race day (other than the fact that I was running THE BOSTON MARATHON!), as I looked forward to the iconic 26.2-mile stretch awaiting me. With each mile, I knew my mind would swirl with thoughts for future articles and inspiring tidbits I might share with our Women's Running readers. And to be completely honest, Boston's course left me with no shortage of ideas that I was eager to share. Until Mile 24.

As I ran past the 24th-mile marker, I scooted to the right side of the course to take water from a volunteer. I slowed my pace to a walk and took a quick break to drink some liquid. As I finished the drink, a man ran up beside me and told me the finish line was closed because a bomb had been set off nearby. Confused, I asked the man for details, but he knew only that information and couldn't share any further. He did know the explosion happened 10 minutes prior to talking with me, and immediately my mind panicked.

Knowing my husband was about a mile ahead of me, I calculated and recalculated his anticipated finish time to estimate his finish against the approximate time of the tragedy. Though I wasn't sure how close the timing was, I knew there was a good chance he would be at the finish line around the same time.

I continued running, dazed and a little disoriented, armed with uncertainties. Scanning the spectators lining the streets, there was still no sign of panic or tragedy. I soldiered on, hoping there might have been a mistake and the information I'd heard was wrong.

As I greeted the 25th-mile marker, there was still no sign of any wrongdoing, and runners were beginning to buzz with the anticipation of the impending finish. Things rapidly changed, and at 25.5-mile point everyone was immediately stopped. Though no one knew exactly what was happening, word quickly spread through the crowd that something had gone terribly wrong at the finish and all runners were being rerouted.

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