Endurance: Ben Gibbard

I'm a Competitor: Rocker Ben Gibbard

February, 27, 2014

For Ben Gibbard, singer, songwriter and guitarist for Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, running and rock and roll are a harmonious blend.

Gibbard started running in 2007 after he quit drinking. In 2011, he finished his first marathon in 3:56 and last year completed his first 50K.

Trail running is vastly different from your day job. How do the two mesh?

No matter what kind of ego boost I get from a cheering crowd, it won’t get me up the mountain the next day. It’s easy to understand how musicians become narcissists, but just because I play music doesn’t mean I’m a better person. Trail running bruises my ego, and I need that balance.

How do you train?

My goal is to run about 50 miles a week. I do three eight- to 10-mile runs and then a longer one, usually three to four hours. Last year my buddy Nick Triolo came on tour as our wilderness/trail coordinator. He cased out trails and put together a training plan. When we tour, I definitely look for trail races to do.

What is it you like about running ultra distances?

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