Molly Huddle leads the top-earning American runners of 2015

Molly Huddle, here after her victory in the NYC Half, has a long list of accomplishments in 2015. Rich Schultz /Getty Images

Editor's note: This article originally appeared at RunnersWorld.com.

It pays to be really fast.

Molly Huddle, 31, won more than $150,000 in prize money in 2015, most of which she collected during a winning streak in the fall. That prize money total puts her sixth on the list of female prize money winners worldwide, and first among all American runners in 2015.

Among American men, Jared Ward’s $105,166 topped the list, which was compiled by Association of Road Racing Statisticians creator Ken Young.

Aselefech Mergia of Ethiopia earned the most overall in 2015, winning $307,000, while fellow Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa earned $275,000, the highest amount among men.

Those numbers seem like impressive totals, considering the athletes don’t have to run many races to amass six-figure paydays. And these figures don’t reflect the payments they receive from their sponsors.

But compared to other individual sports? Then the earnings don’t seem quite as hefty. Here’s a rundown of the top three American runners, male and female, and how much prize money they earned in 2015:

Compare those running prize money totals to the top American man and woman in these four other individual sports: