Endurance: Collegiate Running Association

College running group to offer prize money

November, 22, 2013
A new nonprofit organization, the Collegiate Running Association, aims to provide college students opportunities to compete and earn prize money in national championships. The CRA will offer collegiate championships in the disciplines of road racing, trail racing and mountain racing, which are not contested by the NCAA.

The CRA will announce details of its inaugural road racing championship on Dec. 3, but the organization's founders have secured a $10,000 overall purse for the top 10 college students in the men's and women's races.

The organization will hold its championships at existing events that can accommodate large fields. They plan to announce the location and date of the trail and mountain running championships in January.

"Given limitations that college students and coaches face with roster limits and the elimination of track and field programs and others across the country, we felt like there was a need for this opportunity and to increase [opportunities for] college students," says Steve Taylor, president of the CRA and head cross country and track and field coach at the University of Richmond.

Unlike the NCAA, which has a 417-page manual that outlines its rules, the only eligibility requirement for earning prize money in a CRA championship is that participants be high school graduates who are currently enrolled in at least one college course of any type.

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