Whirlwind weeks for Ogwumikes

The past two weeks couldn't have been more eventful! A full two weeks of Ogwumike festivities brought us together, reunited our family, and provided for a very special and historical weekend.

The Ogwumike showdown was preluded by a surprise visit by Chiney to watch me play in NYC a couple days before our own matchup.

Thereafter, we were able to have some friendly fun running our UNICEF clinic in Connecticut, which was a blast!

Unfortunately, however, the day had finally come: We had to go head to head. Guarding each other was not near the nightmare we thought it'd be. We played hard and were happy to see our family and relieved that the "first time" was finally over -- ha ha!

Though we anticipated only a two-time matchup, we were both proudly named All-Stars and enjoyed some sisterly love yet again a short week later.

With a lot less pressure and lot more fun, we enjoyed the weekend with some fun competition between our respective East and West teams. The game was spectacular!

But now we are fast approaching a tie breaker in L.A.! Sharing this experience with each other is more than we could ever ask for and hope to continue to succeed and have even more fun throughout careers.

Who knows? Maybe we won't play against each other forever ...