We're ready for the challenges at BC

After a big win over Virginia, Florida State plays at BC tonight and at Maryland on Sunday. Larry Novey/Florida State Athletics

This past Sunday was a beautiful sunny day in Tallahassee, absolutely perfect for Senior Day. I am a senior, graduating this December. My parents had to make the choice of either flying in from France for Senior Day or for graduation. They opted for graduation, but my FSU family made sure I felt as loved as if my parents were there.

The day could only be considered a true success after our important win against Virginia. A penalty kick in our favor in the first overtime period ended a really tight game. Both teams only gave up few scoring chances, and in that kind of game, set pieces seem to be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. We knew the Cavaliers very well, since we played them three times last season, and the fact that they are a good team was no mystery. To be honest, I am not the least bit surprised the winner was decided on a set piece, but I never thought it would be a penalty kick.

This wasn’t our finest performance of the year. We didn’t look as sharp as we have been. But what am I saying? A win against UVA always should be satisfying. Shutouts in nine straight games, 14 wins in a row and an undefeated season thus far have all the makings of a satisfying season, but we want more. Our expectations continue to grow every time we step on the field. We expect to be better, faster and sharper then the last time we played. The more we win, the more we want to win.

We are striving to be better Thursday night when we visit Boston College. The environment is going to be different. BC has a turf field, and the temperature is going to be, let’s say, slightly different (for the coming trip, our coach strictly forbade us from mentioning the word "cold"). To get ready, we’ll have to adjust quickly to all these factors, but it’s part of the game and we are more than ready for the challenge.

Because soccer is not the only thing in life, I need to take a moment to talk about how excited I am to visit Boston. In an earlier blog, I already mentioned my attraction to traveling. Discovering different cities and landscapes makes the soccer season even more special for me.

I remember our trip to Boston my sophomore year. We got to spend an afternoon in the city, and I loved it. At the time of our last visit two years ago, it was the middle of autumn, which we don’t really get down in Tallahassee. The colorful leaves that had just left the trees and were covering the ground made the city look stunning. It was definitely one of the best bonding experiences I have had. I remember everybody being extremely happy to be around each other.

I hope this trip will be as full of enthusiasm as that one and our record will stay free from upsets. Boston and Maryland, here we come!