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Excitement builds for Buckeyes

March, 17, 2012
Samantha PrahalisAP Photo/Skip PetersonSamantha Prahalis rested up and snuck some candy while waiting for the start of her last NCAA tournament.

Friday, my teammates and I boarded the bus for the most exciting part of our year! We arrived in Perrysburg, Ohio, right next to Toledo on Friday afternoon. We took a bus there because it's only about two hours from Columbus. I feel very lucky to be playing so close to home so our fans can come support us, as they have since I started here.

After dinner Friday night, some of my teammates went to the movies. I decided not to go but instead stayed back and watched some men's basketball. There were a lot of upsets throughout the day, so I was glued to the TV!

I went to the grocery store to get some snacks and drinks with my best friend Kate, who also is a manager for our team. I'm obsessed with candy (sour especially) and always try to throw some in the cart when she's not looking.

Saturday, we all had breakfast and headed off to practice. My teammates and I are so excited to start playing tomorrow. Basketball will always be my life, but it's sad to think I’m preparing for my last postseason tournament.

After practice we have the day free. I'm going to rest up, have a massage and make sure I'm drinking a lot of Gatorade and water because I cramp up easily. Later, we will all be heading to a good dinner at a steakhouse.

I can't wait for Sunday to begin this journey. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to be in this position, and I can't wait to see Buckeye Nation tomorrow!!

No. 8 seed shocking to Prahalis, Buckeyes

March, 12, 2012
PrahalisRick Osentoski/US PresswireSamantha Prahalis will be playing in her last NCAA tournament for Ohio State.

It's crazy to believe that March is already here and I'm about to play in my last NCAA tournament. I can't believe how fast the time has passed. It seems like yesterday I was just a freshman.

Tonight was Selection Monday. Our entire team headed over to Coach [Jim] Foster's to watch the show and talk to the media afterward. Coach Foster's wife, Donna, prepared an amazing dinner for us. It was good to be hanging out with my teammates -- I truly value all the remaining time I get to spend with them. After we saw the Stanford's ''Nerd City'' music video, we all joked about what the Ohio State version would look like (very different!! LOL!).

We all sat around anxious and excited to see where we would end up in the bracket. As we were watching, we realized we were going to end up in the last bracket that was announced. As the brackets were unfolding, we found out we were an eighth seed. I'm not going to lie -- we were pretty shocked. We were not shocked in regards to the teams we would have to play (every road to the Final Four is difficult), but it was the eighth seed that stood next to The Ohio State University that shocked us. After the initial shock, we settled down and realized we need to focus on a real tough Florida team. Our team is really excited to start playing again. It feels like it has been forever since our last game.

After losing four seniors last season, we weren't predicted to do very well this year, and we proved a lot of people wrong. We hope we continue to do that and make some noise in this tournament!
They don't call it March Madness for nothing.
Go Bucks!