Our seniors deserve to go out with a win

Stefanie Dolson had 16 points and nine rebounds when Connecticut beat Louisville in January. AP Photo/Dave Martin

Ahhhh! We made it. And I guess, for me, you can say the third time’s a charm! It's been three years of trying to make it to the national championship game, and the last two years we've come up short. This year we didn't let that happen again.

One of the most important parts about getting the win tonight is sending our seniors out with a bang. To send them out with a loss in their last game would be the worst possible situation. Our seniors, Kelly [Faris], Caroline [Doty] and Heather [Buck] mean the world to us, and we're going to miss them a ton when they leave. I've been answering a lot of media questions about them for good reason. So let me tell you a little about each one.

Kelly is our only actual senior who hasn't stayed an extra year. She is one of the hardest-working players I've ever seen. She is a silent killer on the court and isn't a big speaker off it, either. But don't get me wrong, she'll still throw in a random comment that will have everyone dying laughing!

Caroline is next. We all joke around that she's been here forever and that she's 35 years old. But for me, it's been an awesome three years with her. She is one of the toughest players I've had the privilege of playing with and would stand up to anyone for us! And off the court, she's my roommate, so we're around each other a lot. I am really going to miss all her stories (she has one about everything) and just the fun we have together.

Finally there is Heather. Although Heather doesn't play a lot for us, she is one of the most special people on this team. She would do anything for us on or off the court and is the most spirited on the bench. She always is one of the first people to throw herself up in the air when we get a big shot! And looking at her, she looks pretty intimidating, right? Well, outside of basketball she is extremely smart and the sweetest person you could ever meet. We call her "the buck" because we will ask her questions before we go to "the google."

It’s their last year and their last collegiate game, so I know they will fight as hard as possible to not let our team down. And I also know that the rest of us will do everything possible to send our seniors off on a high note and have them bring home what I'm sure would be the sweetest national championship of them all!!