First trip a success -- on the field and off

The bike racks are full, the lines are long and the campus is crowded. Yes folks, it's that time of year again. School has started and the Pilots women's soccer team has successfully survived the first week.

Although it is a huge change from having the campus basically to ourselves to now sharing it with 4,000 other students, we appreciate the fact that we're joined by our peers. Without them supporting us every Friday night and Sunday afternoon, Merlo Field wouldn't be nearly as magical. So thank you to all our fans, and we're so excited you're back!

With the first week of school came our first road trip of the season. Each year we head up to Seattle for the Husky Invitational. This year we faced off against the Fresno State Bulldogs and the La Salle Explorers.

In our first game against Fresno State, junior forward Amanda Frisbie (my roommate for the trip and best friend!) came out on fire. It took her only six minutes to get her first goal, and she followed that up with three more.

My housemate, Kaila Cameli, also tallied a goal, pushing our win margin to 5-0. It was our first statement game of the season and yet another shutout for our defense.

On the bus ride back to our hotel, we all argued over which of Frisbie's goals was our favorite. My personal favorite was the fourth one, which she curved into the back of the net. Frisbie was definitely super stud of this game.

On our day off, we had heard a rumor that we were doing a "team activity." The first thought that popped into my head was, "Please be the zoo." Due to my extensive research, I knew the Seattle zoo had two new snow leopard cubs. Adorable, right? With this prior knowledge, I was excited the whole day for what could potentially be a zoo trip. We were supposed to leave for this activity at 4 p.m. on Saturday until we received a text from team captain Kendall Johnson saying, "Team activity now!!! Come to the lobby fast! Last one there sits next to G!"

After receiving this text, Frisbie and I sprinted out of the room only to join the rest of our teammates racing downstairs hoping not to have to sit by head coach Garrett Smith. The unlucky last one, who happened to be napping at the time the text was sent out, was Nichole Downing [better known as Chole], a junior goalie. Watching her sit next to G on the bus all gave us a giggle, but I'm sure it wasn't that bad of a ride!

Once the team was assembled, G explained that their original idea was to take us to a bike shop and rent tandem bikes for us to cruise around Seattle. Unfortunately, it seems bike shops don't rent 20-plus bikes of any kind.

Their next idea had me squealing with excitement. They actually planned the zoo trip! Sadly, the Woodland Park Zoo closes at 6 p.m., though, not giving us much time to spend with the animals. I was extremely disappointed, but I appreciated the effort!

For our team activity we ended up going to Green Lake for a kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding adventure on the water. The weather was perfect and the lake was beautiful and relaxing -- definitely the perfect day off team activity.

We ended our day off with a "team picture" on the dock, though actually we were planning on pushing the freshmen into the lake. This plan was successfully executed and caught on tape thanks to the initiative of sophomore Emily Sippel (Sippy).

On our last day in Seattle, we faced off against La Salle. After our win Friday, we wanted to continue our shutout record and goal-scoring mentality. Kendall Johnson (Ken Ken) came out blazing and scored her first goal of the season off a rocket that bounced off the crossbar and landed in the goal. I was also able to score in the first half, making the score 2-0.

At halftime, Ken Ken -- another of my housemates -- asked me to try my best to assist Kaila Cameli so we could say our whole house scored. Although I didn't make the assist, Kaila also got a goal, making our house into goal-scoring machines that day. We ended the weekend with a 3-0 win, adding another two wins to our record.

All in all we had a successful first week of school and first trip. Our no-nonsense defense in the back has been successful in keeping teams goalless, and our attack is coming together with every game we play. We hope to continue this streak when we play Notre Dame on Friday night at home.

Holy cow, that was a long blog, but I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it. Catch us at our next home game against Notre Dame for what will definitely be an unforgettable night.

Go Pilots!