Charley Hull's caddie has rude awakening

Unbeknownst to Charley Hull, her caddie had to take a taxi to the course when he discovered his motorcycle had been stolen. Andrew Redington/Getty Images

HOYLAKE, England -- Tournament golfers never fail to allow plenty of time before a competitive round. They will spend half an hour or so on breakfast, and they know precisely how long it will take to get to the course. From there, they put in their usual 40 minutes or so on the practice ground.

All of which explains why Lydia Ko was up at 4:30 a.m. for her 7 a.m. tee time. And why Charley Hull's caddie was up at first light at his Liverpool hostelry in a bid to prepare for his player's 7:40 start.

The caddie got ready for the 30-minute ride to the course only to discover, to his horror, that his motorcycle had been stolen. He gave full details to the police before taking a taxi to the course which, to his fury, set him back 30 pounds.

That he poured out his woes to Charley's father, Dave, rather than to Charley was maybe just as well.

Dave, who has done such a good job of bringing up his golfing daughter, had the sense to ask the caddie to say nothing to Charley until the round was done. He adhered to that request, and it reflected well on the fellow that his player never suspected for a moment that anything was wrong.