At halfway point, Stanford's tank still full

Chioma Ubogagu looks forward to more good times -- and wins -- with her Stanford teammates. Courtesy Chioma Ubogagu

At the start of a new training week before our first conference game, my coach looked at my teammates and me to announce that we were halfway through our season. Although none of us realized how far along we were, his statement hit us as hard as a slap across the face. (Coach) Paul (Ratcliffe) was very much right; preseason, preconference, however you like to refer to it, was over. It’s that very reason why I want to use my first blog to share some of my favorite preseason memories with some of my favorite girls.


This emotional, thrilling card game is a preseason tradition here on the farm. Whether it is an incorporated game with some football players or just kept to us 27 girls, it is a phenomenal time with endless laughter. You truly learn who can and cannot keep a poker face.

Pranks on Pranks on Pranks

Every year a collegiate team welcomes a new freshman class. My team’s heartfelt welcome usually includes a few, harmless, silly, yet very entertaining pranks. Our freshman Kate Bettinger slept in her bed for a couple of nights before removing her tropical rainforest. Secondly, no, there is no recasting for Alan in "Hangover 3;" (Rachel) Quon just likes wearing satchels, too.


I ended my teen years on Sept. 10, or more importantly known as Monday, our day off. My teammates know how much I love hibachi, so they joined me for dinner on my big two-oh. Their collaborated efforts with the Benihana’s staff on the birthday song was nothing short of a five-star performance while my solo dance I was forced to execute was … well … I just looked awkward and goofy.

Stanny the new LA?

A few of my teammates and I channeled our inner "Gossip Girl" when we spotted the "Wedding Crashers" duo Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. We watched them shoot a scene for their new movie “The Internships” on the core of our campus. I think my teammate Mariah Nogueira had us beat, though, since she actually had a full-blown conversation with Owen. He was going to come to our game! Unfortunately, we were away that day #stillbitter.

I know I have reached the halfway point with my team, which could be viewed as melancholy. I view it from a different perspective, though. The way I see it, the fun times and (hopefully) the wins, are in itself completely and absolutely FULL-filling.

-- Laters, Baby (quoted from the trilogy "50 Shades of Gray" my teammates and I read this preseason)