We relax, bond, laugh through Snapchat

After a week of exams, Micaela Capelle and her teammates found an entertaining diversion in the app Snapchat. University of Portland

Our team has been hitting the books and the practice field for four weeks now. This past week was busy school-wise, as we have officially finished one-fourth of the fall semester.

With tests, papers, assignments and quizzes filling our brains, we were able to blow off some steam by staying connected to each other and making each other laugh through our team’s favorite app, Snapchat. This app makes it possible to send any type of picture you want to anyone who has the app for one to 10 seconds.

After you choose how long you want them to see the picture, they can never see it again, and it is lost forever (or so I hope, at least!). I usually send and receive about 20 Snapchats every day, each one making me smile and laugh at how many “chins” my teammates can make in a picture.

Our Friday night game against Seattle U also left our team smiling. We managed a 3-0 win over a Northwest competitor that always brings energy when we play them.

We were excited to be at home playing for our fans again. Our Sunday game against Denver didn’t turn out how we wanted to as we had our first disappointing performance of the season. Despite the loss, we are ready to move on and work hard because our next game is only days away.

We are scheduled to play Cal State Northridge on Merlo Field Thursday night, and we are all excited to make up for our loss. Our team and program pride ourselves on quality soccer, and we will not settle for anything less than that for the rest of our season.

Through all the silly Snapchats and schoolwork we keep each other smiling, and our team is ready and willing to put the work in to get a win against Cal State Northridge.