FreeStylin' to the Final Four!

Chiney Ogwumike writes a verse to celebrate her team's trip to the Final Four. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

What a whirlwind of a week! On Sunday, we beat our fellow nerds of Duke to secure our fifth consecutive trip to the Final Four. It was such a fun, competitive game. I think the most exciting part was when time ran out on the clock. The game was ours. There is no better feeling than looking at your teammates and seeing that spark or twinkle in their eyes -- unbridled happiness. The nets were ours forever. Even though it was the regional game, every moment counts. Shout out to all our roadies that packed the Save Mart Center! I think ya'll inspired me.

There is something different about this Stanford team.

I think we caught a groove.

There is an undeniable rhythm flowing within Nerd Nation, just in time for the Big Dance, so let's move!

... This is for you ;)

If none of y'all know, my name is Chiney.

It's "Chin" plus "A" and I love to say "Heyyyy!"

Now that we've got my name in the clear, I want to tell you about my favorite nerds of the year.

We are the Stanford girls from the California Farm, playing tough and together, we mean no harm.

Beat Hampton, West Virginia, and Staley's SC, survived and advanced in the NCAA tourney.

Versus Duke the clock ticked. Three. Two. One.

81-69 the Cardinal had won!

Can't believe it's our fifth straight Final Four, with opportunity so close knocking at the door.

Here we go, off to Denver, we don't need snow because the hardwood heat is all we know.

No more celebrations or yesterday's cheers, "Because we've still got work to do!" said Coach VanDerveer.

This challenge is one we love to embrace, as Mile High dreams take over our face.

Even though we have a "tall" task ahead, it’s the journey we all share.

Women's hoops that we spread.

The world will see three amazing games,

And, honestly, my life will never be the same.

Stanford, a nerdalicious team in the Final Four...

Guess what, though? We want so much more!

And then we hit our Dougie ...