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Monday, March 12, 2012
I'm Chiney, checking in from Nerd City

By Chiney Ogwumike

Chiney Ogwumike
Chiney Ogwumike and Stanford open the tourney against Hampton on Saturday.

My name is Chiney Ogwumike and I represent Leland Stanford Junior University, Palm Drive, Nerd City, 94305.

We are really excited to be a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament and headed to Norfolk. It's exciting when you open the Selection Show and your team is the first one to be unveiled. Our freshmen looked super-excited, to say the least. Their eyes were big.

We just finished our Pac 12 season and conference tournament, and knew we had a target on our back. We were tested against Cal in the final game, a testament to two teams headed to the NCAA tournament. It was great to win the championship and cut down the nets in L.A. I think it helped us figure out how to win on the road on back-to-back days, which are the kinds of things that are important during tournament time.

We are so excited to be going to the East Coast. Grace Mashore owns the whole East Coast, the entire Atlantic Ocean, so she's pretty happy to be going to Virginia. My sister, Nneka, mentioned that she likes to play new teams, and I agree. In conference, you play the same team two or three times. It's great to face new competition.

As a Texas-California girl, I'm probably going to need to pack my jacket, right? We know it's March Madness on the court, but it's also madness off the court. We are heading into finals next week, and it's a time where we really have to focus academically. It's a challenge at Stanford. While we are planning to go on the road, we always have to keep school in mind. We all have missed some classes, but I feel like we have the support of our classmates and professors. Coming up, I need to inform my professors that I'm going to be gone, plan for possibly taking finals on the road and start planning for next quarter, picking the right classes so I can stay on track to graduate. That's about it.

The NCAA tournament is like our basketball final. You get one chance to get a good grade, and all of us nerds want a passing grade from Professor VanDerveer. If you haven't noticed, we are located in Nerd City, also known as Palo Alto. As student-athletes, we've adopted the name "nerd." We are trying to bring a newfound swag to it. We commonly use phrases like "Revenge of the Nerds" and "When Nerds Attack."

After last year's successful "Got Bounce" video, we decided to do an ode to the Nerd Nation. We shot our video in front of our landmark Hoover Tower and in a classroom, and got athletes from a variety of sports to represent our cause. We had a whole bunch of fun. It brings new meaning to the word "nerd." When people are watching, I hope they are thinking, "Those nerds are pretty cool. They can bring it in the classroom and on the hardwood."

So, if you have free time, I suggest you search for "Nerd City" on YouTube and see what the craze is all about: