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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Meet my teammates; they're amazing

By Maggie Lucas

Penn State
The Lady Lions have diverse interests and come from all over the country, but they are united by hoops.

Now that I've introduced myself, I think it is most appropriate that you meet my teammates, considering they are who I'll be writing about the majority of the time. The Lady Lions are from all over the country, and each brings a unique personality and character to our team.

The seniors

Alex Bentley, or AB, is our point guard and engine from Indianapolis. Alex is the most competitive person I have met in my life, and she will do anything to win. Something not everyone knows about Alex is that she loves musicals and has one of the biggest movie collections on the planet. I make fun of her because a large portion of these are little-kid Disney movies.

Nikki Greene is our starting center, all the way from Diboll, Texas. This year, Nikki's confidence is higher than ever, and she is looking to dominate the paint. Off the court, Nikki is an unbelievably talented artist. She also has a collection of Vans that is second to none.

Mia Nickson is a forward from Ashburn, Va., who mixes in guard skills. Mia is always trying to tell me she's coming for my 2-guard spot when I walk in the gym and she's working on her 3-ball. Mia was actually born on an Army base in Germany, and after she's done at Penn State, she wants to join the armed forces.

Gizelle Studevent is one of the Cali girls on the team, from La Jolla. Zelle is an energizer bunny on the wing and brings so much athleticism and heart to the court. Off the court, she is involved in a million other things and is even in the process of writing a book. Just like me, Zelle loves all kinds of foods, so we have our own little dinner club.

Our last senior is Marisa Wolfe, from Ford City, Pa. Marisa is another versatile forward who can shoot the ball and also post up. Ris is definitely the team mom and makes sure all the Lady Lions are where they are supposed to be at all times. Ris is a huge Steeler and Penguin fan.

My juniors

Ariel Edwards is a versatile, long and athletic wing, and she can do just about anything on the basketball court. Ariel is from Elmont, N.Y., and played at the famous Christ the King High School. Arie and I have been roommates every year here at Penn State, so the two of us are especially close. She is known for having little fun facts and knowledge on almost everything imaginable; she is very smart!

Talia East, from Philadelphia, is known to everyone as T. She is the beast from the East and our muscle in the paint. T is the type of person who becomes friends with everyone she meets, and anywhere we go she knows someone. Talia and I have been friends since high school, and she was my two-on-two buddy throughout our senior year.

Dara Taylor, from Delaware, is a quick and incredibly skilled point guard who transferred to Penn State last year from Maryland. Dara and I have been playing together since we were about 10 years old, when we were both a part of the Philadelphia Belles AAU program. We are all ecstatic that Dara gets to hit the court this year in the Lady Lions uniform.

The underclassmen

Tori Waldner, from Milton, Ga., has a crafty post game and can even step out and shoot the 3-ball. Every Thursday, Tori and I have a standing date at our favorite place to eat on campus, and we get the same thing every time: a Buffalo chicken panini, and for dessert, a strawberry, brownie and Nutella crepe. After our trip to Europe this summer, we voted Tori the best dressed throughout the trip. All of the Italians thought she was a supermodel.

Finally, Big Baby. Candice Agee is our lone freshie, all the way from Victorville, Calif. Candice has an incredible touch around the basket and will be a great spark for us in the upcoming year. She committed to Penn State without taking a visit, so blue and white pretty much runs through her veins. One of my favorite things about Candice is how she is always down to watch scary movies with me.

Well, there they are, all the Lady Lions. I could probably write a book about each of my amazing teammates, but I hope you were able to get a glimpse of how different each one is.

I'll be checking in again next week. Until then, you can follow me on Twitter at @maggielucas33 or follow the Lady Lions at @pennstatewbb!