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Saturday, February 9, 2013
A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away?

By Lizzie Haldane

Hershey's kiss
Go ahead -- indulge.
It's basically engrained in our genes to crave chocolate. And in honor of the 119th anniversary of Hershey's Chocolate Company being founded, we wanted to share some good news about the goodness. Study after study proves it can do more than just make you feel better emotionally -- it has health benefits, too. With regular doses of chocolate, the antioxidants can lower blood pressure and cardiovascular risk, and improve cholesterol and insulin regulation. One study in “Archives of Internal Medicine” reports that it’s in the frequency, not the amount, of indulgence that tended to lower BMI (Body Mass Index). Turns out it's win-win for chocoholics -- eating one ounce of dark chocolate a day can actually help weight control.

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