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Saturday, May 12, 2012
Aggie fans show support, even in Idaho

By Meagan May

Howdy! So this week we are all in a very new and different environment, also known as Boise, Idaho. None of our players has ever been here before, so we are all very excited to visit a new place. It is very beautiful here and, surprisingly, full of Aggies.

The first night we were here, we had dinner with a group of Ags who are a part of the Boise Aggie Muster. For those of you who don't know what Muster is, it happens every year on April 21st. Aggies will get together and remember the Aggies that have passed away during that year. We call roll for those fallen Aggies, and someone stands in representation of them to say "here" and light a candle when their name is called. So these Ags that we had dinner with are real Ags, or “Red Ass’’ as we call it in Aggieland. These people have been a huge support for us here in Boise, and they show the true Aggie Spirit.

On another note, this Boise State team is a really well-rounded ballclub. They have given us two very tough games this week and overall have been very fun to play. They really know how to swing the bat, and they have a pretty strong pitching staff. This has been a really good test of our team.

On a funnier note, we all had a pretty good laugh at one of our captains this week. One of our seniors, Kelsea Orsak, had one of those moments that just makes you want to face-palm. Right next to Boise State's field there is a dog park that has been busy nonstop since we got here. Well, we were all loading up on the bus to go to the hotel and all of a sudden we hear, "Oh my gosh! A cougar!!!" So the whole team turns to look and doesn't see anything. So she says, "It's right there, it's the black thing right there!" Then our pitcher Mel Dumezich says, "Kelsea, that's a dog!" The whole team just busted out laughing. It was truly a face-palm moment. Thank you, Kelsea, for all of your wonderful face-palm moments.

Thanks and Gig ‘Em.