We Almost Wish This Andy Murray Biopic Was Real

Pop quiz time! You’re in charge of casting the new Andy Murray biopic, who do you choose to play the lead role?

A. Michael Sheen, he’s a trained Shakespearean actor!

B. Pharrell Williams, he’s proven he can fill big hats.

C. Ed Sheeran, at least he looks Scottish.

D. Gordon Ramsay, at least he’ll bring some passion and fire to the project.

E. Rory McIlroy, he did win a U.S. Open after all.

If you selected any of the options above, you have probably not seen any of their totally fake auditions for this totally fake project. In a two-part promotional series for Stand Up To Cancer, the tennis star and director and actor Richard Ayoade attempt to cast the lead roles for Murray’s life story. Here are the pretty hilarious screen tests, complete with lots and lots of jokes at Murray’s expense.

Warning: There is strong language in the second clip, courtesy of -- who else? -- Gordon Ramsay.

Maybe it’s just because of the addition of Britney Spears and her, um, interesting British accent but I would definitely see this movie.

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