Brewers Mascot Hank Beats Out A Mayor For Dog Of The Year

The entertainment world finally recognized on Thursday what those of us in the sports world have known for some time -- Hank, the Milwaukee Brewers mascot, is the Dog of the Year.

The stray-turned-beloved team mascot and companion was nominated for the award at the first ever World Dog Awards. Filmed earlier in the week but airing on television Thursday night, George Lopez hosted a (C-list) star-studded event that honored canines and dog lovers in 10 categories like “Best Selfie with a Dog” and “Top TV Dog.”

The night’s biggest award -- think “Best Picture” at the Oscars but for dogs who have no idea what’s going on -- was presented by Paris Hilton. Beating out fellow nominees like Duke (the mayor of a town in Minnesota, and Andy Cohen’s beagle Wacha (named after St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha), Hank was given the Golden Hydrant award. Seriously, that was the trophy.

Hank looked kind of over the whole thing, but his adopted family spoke on his behalf while he looked on.

In related news, Smokey the bluetick coonhound from Tennessee topped Jonathan the Husky from UConn, Hairy Dawg the bulldog from Georgia, Bully the bulldog from Mississippi State and T-Bone the Irish setter from Pace for the coveted “Best Team Mascot” award. He clearly did not take the honor lightly.

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