Mike Krzyzewski Compares Coaching Basketball To Taking On ISIS

Rule No. 1 of being a public figure: Don’t say ridiculous things in public.

Sadly, Mike Krzyzewski missed that memo. While speaking at an Association of the United States Army ceremony last month, the legendary Duke basketball coach and Army graduate compared President Barack Obama’s current military strategy against ISIS to ... a basketball game. The comments, which were made public on Tuesday and first reported by the Daily Beast, took issue with Obama’s decision to publicly announce that the U.S. would not be using ground troops during the mission.

“It’s about letting your opponent know we are going to use our best players. And whether we use them or not, that’s up to the coach. You never tell your opponent you are not going to use [them], like I’m not going to play Grant Hill, J.J. Redick, [Christian] Laettner.”

Yes, this actually happened. If you don’t believe me, please watch the video below for proof.

Because fighting a terrorist organization in an unstable and volatile part of the world is JUST like coaching a basketball game. OK then.

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