Girl Takes Break From Scoring Goals, Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal

ACTUALLY GOOD FOOTBALL NEWS ALERT! This is not a drill, people. Despite this week’s horrific Ray Rice developments, something positive actually happened on a football field. On Friday, Triton Central (Fairland, Indiana) senior kicker Samantha Dewey nailed a 23-yard field goal with 4.4 seconds remaining to lift her team to a 17-14 win over conference rival Lutheran. Despite a bobble by the holder, Dewey kicks the ball like it ain’t no thing.

And if that for some reason doesn’t impress you, Dewey also happens to the star of the school’s soccer team with 25 goals in five games this season. Read that sentence again. That’s an AVERAGE of 5 goals per game. But before you send her stats to your favorite college soccer program with the subject line: “RECRUIT THIS GIRL ASAP!!!” she already has committed to play at Xavier next year. So, congrats on that one, Musketeers fans.

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