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Behind the scenes at hockey worlds

April, 18, 2013

Hilary Knight is a forward on the U.S. women's hockey team that won gold April 9 at the world championships.

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind of activity, ending with a victory against Canada for the world championship.

I am honored every time I have the opportunity to represent the United States and compete in the USA jersey. Since it is such a memorable experience, I like to take random pictures throughout my journey with my teammates. Hopefully these will give you a better look at us beyond the times when we are clad in our equipment, competing on the ice or in the gym. It should give you a better feel for our non-gladiator look -- after all, we are the only team who can make navy blue and black look fresh!

Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightAt training camp before worlds, invitees were vying for a spot to play for Team USA in this year's world championships in Ottawa. I took a picture of our schedule because March 31, the day we traveled to Canada, was the first step in our quest for gold.
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightHere, we've arrived at the hotel in Ottawa! After a bus trip from the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, N.Y., to our hotel, we hopped off the bus, excited to scope out our new digs. This is where we called home for the week of the tournament.
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightBrent Proulx, our equipment manager, had everything ready in our locker room. Jocelyne Lamoureux and I have the corner stalls, or as we call it, our honeymoon suite. The corner location is not ideal for chalk talk, but I don't mind the extra legroom!
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightMy teammate Rigs (Alex Rigsby) snapped this panoramic shot before our first game against Canada. I like to take a few minutes after off-ice warm-ups to sit, listen to music, think and relax before I get dressed in my equipment.
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightWhen we weren't eating, sleeping, training or playing hockey you could find us chatting it up in our treatment room/player lounge. Our team loves puzzles, and Brianne McLaughlin, Jessie Vetter and Julie Chu even did a fitting USA Hockey puzzle design.
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightHere we are, hanging around before off-ice warm-ups during an early game. A few players attempted penguin-belly-slide races on the ice to see how far they could slide past the blue line.
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightI'm always so pumped to receive my player credentials! We can't go anywhere around the rink without this.
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightLook, we found a table tennis table! We might be out of college, but Anne Schleper and I like to keep it light and have fun, and we were pleasantly surprised to find this. Let's just say that table tennis could be a career for either of us.
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightBrianne McLaughlin and I taking a picture at our post-championship game meal. We thought we were being really artsy. It didn't quite turn out that way, but any picture with the most coveted cup is a great picture!
Hilary KnightCourtesy of Hilary KnightThe world championship trophy and me having a casual moment during our postgame celebration.