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Rob Gronkowski, Justin Bieber Party In Clippers' Locker Room

December, 2, 2014

In the most destined pairing since Johnny Manziel and Riff Raff, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski hung out with famous person Justin Bieber on Monday night at the Minnesota Timberwolves-Los Angeles Clippers game. Because of course they did.

ESPN Los Angeles’ Arash Markazi has all the details of the meeting that he described as “an impromptu party in the home locker room,” but some highlights are below for your convenience.

The Gronk and the Biebs mean-mugged for the cameras!

The duo was joined by some of Gronk’s Pats teammates!

Bieber even found time to have a deep conversation with Blake Griffin.

I’m sure Bill Belichick is going to be just THRILLED to see these pictures today.

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Now that Johnny Manziel is a backup quarterback, he has a lot of free time on his hands. So why not pop on some spandex and transform into Johnny “JamBoogie” for a Snickers commercial? Really, I’ve said too much already. Press play and witness the ridiculousness for yourself.

Johnny Manziel Flips Redskins The Bird

August, 19, 2014

Johnny Manziel played at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns on Monday night in their preseason game against the Washington Redskins. And that’s the good news. Seriously that’s about it for Manziel fans and Browns supporters.

In the first quarter, Johnny Football was sacked by Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, and teammate Brian Orakpo celebrated in the most appropriate way possible. Yup, he threw up the money sign. AWW SNAP.

Still, it was a very special gesture in the third quarter that REALLY got everyone talking. After throwing an incomplete pass, Manziel blatantly raised his middle finger toward the Redskins’ bench. So at least he threw up something successfully.

In a clear sign of the times, the finger was granted the ultimate viral tribute -- a parody Twitter account. Never change, Internet.

Despite Manziel’s actions and the “Fingergate” scandal that will likely take over sports media for the next 72 hours or so, for a brief second it seemed like all was not lost for the Orange and Brown. Backup quarterback Connor Shaw threw a 45-yard Hail Mary TD pass to Emmanuel Ogbuehi in the game’s final seconds to pull the team within a point. However, in the most “YOU’RE STILL THE BROWNS” moment ever, the 2-point conversion failed and the Browns lost 24-23. WOMP, WOMP.

At least you still have LeBron, Cleveland fans.

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This rocks: LeBron and Johnny!

August, 7, 2014

Enjoy this Internet thing while you can because I’m pretty sure it’s about to completely break down. Pictures of LeBron James and Johnny Manziel TOGETHER are quickly circulating. The four-time MVP graced Cleveland Browns camp today with his presence and, of course, hung with his BFF Johnny. STOP THE PRESSES!

While LeBron is a self-proclaimed Dallas Cowboys fan, he’s made his Manziel friendship known and has been publicly supportive of the Browns’ decision to draft the QB. Hopefully LeBron broke the news gently to Johnny about the departure of his almost one-time party bro Andrew Wiggins due to the Kevin Love trade and assured him Love would make for a fine wing man.

LeBron also posed for photos with other players, watched practice and surely gloated to himself about his new teammate.

Just another day in the life of King James.

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