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Looking For A Dress Made Of 130 Baseballs? She's Got You Covered

February, 19, 2015
Feb 19

Have you been uninspired by most of the looks at New York Fashion Week so far? Or wish that every show was like Tommy Hilfiger’s football-themed showcase?

If you answered yes to one or both of the questions above, it might just be your lucky day. Meet Jennifer Hitchner, a fashion designer who managed to create a dress perfect for the runway or the bleachers.

The New York Mets gave the artist, who is base in Port St. Lucie, Florida, 130 game-used baseballs and she immediately went to work. After what one can only imagine was months of hard work and agonizing detail, Hitchner debuted her creation before pitchers and catchers reported on Thursday. This one really needs to be seen to be believed.

If you just HAVE to have this dress (Hi, Alyssa Milano!) you’ll be happy to know that it’s being raffled off to fans at spring training games with the proceeds going to the Port St. Lucie Little League.

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A Frantic 75 Minutes In Dallas Latos' Shoes As Husband Gets Traded

December, 11, 2014

With baseball’s annual winter meetings under way in San Diego this week, the trades and trade rumors have been fast and furious. So much so, it seems that sometimes the players who, you know, are actually involved discover the news about their future whereabouts from Twitter or media outlets.

If that seems to you like a bizarre way to find out about your own life, you are not alone. Dallas Latos, the wife of pitcher Mat Latos, shared all of her emotions as rumors about her husband’s status swirled on social media.

Clearly noticing the attention she was receiving, Dallas justified her tweets by explaining how they last received news that Mat had been traded.

Then the news came -- Mat was traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Miami Marlins. And boom went the dynamite.

After apparently receiving a number of comments from total strangers about her feelings, Dallas was forced to defend herself.

Being a baseball wife sounds far more stressful than the women from that VH1 show made it seem. I’m emotionally drained just from reading all those tweets.

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'Broke College Kid' Asks, Receives Four Tickets From MLB Star

September, 25, 2014

A “broke college kid” named Zach Walker sent a tweet to Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis on Tuesday asking for game tickets. He surely didn’t expect a response, much less to actually get tickets. But it turned out to be his lucky day.

Kipnis gave him four tickets to Tuesday’s game against the Kansas City Royals, with just two stipulations -- have fun and be loud. Sounds fair to me.

And the seats weren’t too shabby, either.

Apparently it sometimes pays off to be a broke college kid after all.

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Dodgers Prove They Can Party With The Best Of 'Em

September, 25, 2014

The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the NL West title on Wednesday night with a 9-1 win over the San Francisco Giants. With their playoff ticket punched, the players celebrated accordingly in the clubhouse. Let’s take a look at some of the night’s highlights from AFTER the final out, shall we?

Clayton Kershaw, who earned his 21st win of the season, became the target for everyone’s leftover champagne.

Yasiel Puig showed off his impressive skill of opening bottles with his teeth. Dentists may want to skip this one.

And Juan Uribe’s adorable young son busted out some moves that might just be the next viral dance trend, especially considering the sad demise of the Shmoney this week.

With a party like that for the division crown, I can’t even begin to imagine the potential celebration for the World Series. But the Dodgers might want to start stocking up on champagne, waterproof gear and Tylenol just in case.

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Couple Pours It On For Kiss Cam Audience

September, 24, 2014

Might as well shut down the old Kiss Cam at the ballpark because we’ve officially found the best participants EVER. During Tuesday’s San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers game, two rival fans used their time on the big screen to .. pour beer all over each other. Not your grandmother’s kiss cam!

While it’s never a great financial decision to waste a perfectly good $12 beverage, I salute these two for their creativity and all-around awesomeness. I would “cheers” them right now, but I think someone needs to buy them a new round first.

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MLB Rookies Dress Up As Superheroes, Pirates, Police Officers And More

September, 22, 2014

If you think being a professional athlete is all glitz and glamour, MLB rookies will dispel that notion for you in one quick glance of the eye. Over the weekend, as players geared up for some of the last road trips of the regular season, various teams instilled a, um, different dress code for their first-year players.

The New York Mets’ newbies wore their Comic Con-best in the costumes of their favorite female superheroes. Let’s just assume it’s because they recognize how underrated and underutilized these women characters are and not because of some degrading bro “dude, you have to dress like a woman!” joke. It’s better this way.

The Seattle Mariners’ rooks also donned dresses as fairies, pirates, nurses and other staples from the Spirit Halloween collection.

And Jon Singleton and George Springer of the Houston Astros dressed as police officers ... or male strippers. Your call.

Rookie hazing. The struggle is real, people.

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In 1984, baseball game turned into marathon

May, 9, 2013
Harold Baines
AP Photo/Fred JewellHarold Baines hit a solo home run in the 25th inning to give the White Sox the 7-6 win.
Today marks the 29th anniversary of the longest game in Major League Baseball history, when the Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers concluded 25 innings in 8 hours and 6 minutes. The game started at 7:30 p.m. on May 8, 1984, and at 1 a.m. on May 9, the umps paused play and picked up in the 18th inning the next day. It ended with a 7-6 victory for Chicago. Even though it's the longest game in time, it was not the longest in innings -- that accolade goes to the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox back in 1920. After 26 innings, the score remained 1-1 and it was called a tie.

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Who was first? Moses Fleetwood Walker

May, 1, 2013
Moses Fleetwood Walker
AP PhotoMoses Fleetwood Walker, middle row far left, and his brother Weldy, back row, were part of the varsity baseball team at Oberlin College before playing in the majors.
Before there was Jackie Robinson, there was Fleet Walker. On this date in 1884, Moses Fleetwood Walker became the first African-American to play Major League Baseball when he made his American Association (modern-day American League) with the Toledo Blue Stockings. His debut came 63 years before Robinson is credited for breaking the color barrier in 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Wondering why you haven't heard of Walker? Well, the catcher sustained a season-ending injury in July of 1884 and then spent the rest of his career in the minors. Walker may not be remembered, but today he's not forgotten.

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Tip of our cap to Justine Siegal

February, 22, 2013
Justine Siegal
AP Photo/Mark DuncanJustine Siegal says many girls and women tell her she's living their dream.
Only one woman has participated in MLB spring training as a player -- and that was 36-year-old Justine Siegal, who pitched to the Cleveland Indians during batting practice in 2011. She later went on to pitch batting practice for the Oakland Athletics, Tampa Bay Rays, St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Astros and New York Mets. Siegal also became the first woman to coach first base in a men's professional baseball, for Brockton (Mass.) in 2009. While an assistant at Springfield College, she was the only female coach in the collegiate baseball ranks. The 33-year veteran of the sport founded Baseball for All, a nonprofit organization that aims to break down barriers in baseball.

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