A Frantic 75 Minutes In Dallas Latos' Shoes As Husband Gets Traded


With baseball’s annual winter meetings under way in San Diego this week, the trades and trade rumors have been fast and furious. So much so, it seems that sometimes the players who, you know, are actually involved discover the news about their future whereabouts from Twitter or media outlets.

If that seems to you like a bizarre way to find out about your own life, you are not alone. Dallas Latos, the wife of pitcher Mat Latos, shared all of her emotions as rumors about her husband’s status swirled on social media.

Clearly noticing the attention she was receiving, Dallas justified her tweets by explaining how they last received news that Mat had been traded.

Then the news came -- Mat was traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Miami Marlins. And boom went the dynamite.

After apparently receiving a number of comments from total strangers about her feelings, Dallas was forced to defend herself.

Being a baseball wife sounds far more stressful than the women from that VH1 show made it seem. I’m emotionally drained just from reading all those tweets.

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