How 7 (Ridiculously Cute) Puppies Predicted The National Championship Result


By now you’ve probably heard everyone from experienced football analysts to your next-door neighbor predict the outcome of next week’s national championship game between Ohio State and Oregon. And while those guesses are great and all, I know there’s only one prediction you really care about -- Jimmy Fallon’s puppy panel. Duh.

On Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show,” Fallon welcomed a group of ADORABLE PUPPIES to determine the winner of Monday’s title matchup. With bowls of kibble, the canines used their extensive football knowledge -- or at least sense of smell -- to determine the victor. It’s basically the cutest three minutes and 38 seconds you’ll have all day.

Are Gary and friends right? Tune in Monday to find out! And just watch these pups on loop in the meantime.

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