What's Better Than A National Title? Ice Cream, Of Course!


Penn State has a long history of athletic success, owning 73 national titles in a variety of sports. And while that's, you know, impressive and all, there's apparently an even greater honor one can receive in State College.

No, not the Rhodes Scholarship, I'm talking about a "hall of fame" ice cream flavor at the on-campus creamery.

In the past 20 years, there's been just one person to nab such an achievement -- Russ Rose. The legendary women's volleyball coach, who looks for his seventh national title tonight against BYU, has been at the helm of the program for 36 years and is an iconic figure on campus. Berkey Creamery released "Russ 'digs' Roseberry" in the spring and it has since become one of the creamery's most popular flavors. Made from black raspberry puree, whole strawberries, strawberry sauce, red raspberry sauce and pure chocolate in a vanilla base, it sounds like pretty much the most delicious ice cream flavor named after a volleyball coach ever.

According to the Penn State athletic department, Rose was offered the distinction a few years ago but turned it down because he doesn't like personal accolades. But after he won his sixth title last season, he finally obliged. I'm guessing the sweet teeth and taste buds in the area are forever grateful for this.

Obviously I had to see this delectable treat for myself and lucky for me, the team brought some to Oklahoma City. It was as delicious as I had hoped.

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