Bringing Back 5 Athletes to Celebrate 45 Years Of 'Sesame Street'

Ernie, Bert and the legendary children’s show “Sesame Street” turn 45 today! While you brainstorm what exactly you should buy for your favorite middle-aged TV program, which premiered on this day in 1969, please enjoy five of the best athlete appearances on the show.

1. Albert Pujols gets trolled by Grover.

2. Rebecca Lobo faces Bird! That would be Big Bird, not that Larry guy.

3. Kobe Bryant meets a miniature (and puppet) Kobe Bryant.

4. Bo Jackson and Bo Diddley (and Bo Peep!) team up with Oscar, the Count, Elmo and others for an aptly-named “Bo Knows” jingle.

5. Blake Griffin squares off against a chicken in a chicken-calling contest. It doesn’t really seem like a fair fight.

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