Watch Irish Guys Watch Baseball ... If You're Into That Kind Of Thing


Ever wonder what non-Americans think about baseball? You are not alone. YouTube comedy channel Facts filmed a group of Irish men watching Game 1 of the World Series. None of the participants had ever watched the sport before. As you might expect, their analysis of the game is pretty hilarious.

With quotes like “I was really hoping to see some fast-paced homers!” and “RISP… isn’t that when you can’t say your words?” you will undoubtedly want to watch a game with these lads. And if those quotes haven’t sold you on pressing the “play” button, perhaps the exchange below will.

Lad No. 1: What happened there?

Lad No. 2: Something.

What are you waiting for? Just watch it already!

I think baseball really would benefit from some “Inception”-style, dramatic music. Clearly we have a lot to learn from our Irish friends.

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