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Hello? What Happens When Skype Drops Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir

February, 12, 2015
Feb 12

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are good at many things, but apparently technology isn't one of them. The dynamic duo was participating in a Skype meeting on Thursday when they lost their connection. The two handled it exactly as anyone would -- by eating snacks and yelling helplessly into the air. Natch.

No word if their attempts helped get the meeting back on track, but it looks they had a good time either way.

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Do A Little Dance! Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Are Back

February, 3, 2015
Feb 3

After taking a week off of their normal figure skating beat for that whole Super Bowl thing, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir returned to what they do best on Tuesday. The duo, joined by commentating partner Terry Gannon, reunited to recap the European Figure Skating Championships at the NBC Sports headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, and hijinks and hilarity immediately ensued.

The trio did its best local newscaster impression in an Instagram video, and we can all dream our nightly news broadcast was this entertaining. Or at least just included tap dancing.

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If you need more Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir in your life, and their presence at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships this week just isn’t enough, it might be your lucky day.

The beloved skaters-turned-broadcasters were just announced as the hosts of NBC’s pregame coverage of the Super Bowl. Per a statement from the network, the two will be expected to bring “their fun perspective and style to the show” and will interview attending celebrities at the official NFL tailgating party.

Rest assured, according to both of their Twitter feeds, that sparkle, spandex and shoulder pads will definitely be included. Just as you were expecting from your Super Bowl coverage, I’m sure.

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Rejoice! Tara And Johnny Are Back!

January, 22, 2015
Jan 22

The U.S. Figure Skating Championships are underway this week in Greensboro, North Carolina, so that really means just one thing: the return of Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir to your television screens!

Please take a moment, preferably with glitter or designer heels, to celebrate now.

While competition began earlier in the week, the marquee events involving the senior skaters start tonight. But while the major events have yet to begin, that hasn’t stopped your favorite retired Olympic skaters-turned-NBC commentators from entertaining their fans. At least on social media, that is.

The duo performed an impromptu dance backstage to “Shout” on Wednesday, complete with jumps, turns and Louboutins. Obviously.

And of course no night at the skating rink is ever complete with a post-routine stretch. Lipinski and Weir abided by the rule, likely embedded in their brain at this point, in slightly-less luxurious facilities than they are probably used to.

As one Instagram follower perfectly commented: “They need to stop being so adorable.” SO TRUE.

Good luck competing for attention with these two this weekend, Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold.

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A golden anniversary on ice

February, 21, 2014
Kristi YamaguchiAP Photo/Marcy NighswanderGold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi hugs bronze medalist Nancy Kerrigan during figure skating's medal ceremony in 1992.

On this day in 1992, Kristi Yamaguchi won the women's figure skating gold medal in Albertville, France. She became the first American woman to do so since Dorothy Hamill in 1976. Yamaguchi went on to win her second straight world championship shortly after the Games and then turned professional. She was a staple on the Stars on Ice tour for many years and participated in the pro circuit. Today, she is still a well-known figure thanks to winning "Dancing with the Stars" and her work as a figure skating analyst. Since her victory at Albertville, two other American women have stood atop the Olympic podium -- Tara Lipinski in 1998 and Sarah Hughes in 2002. With none of the American women competing in Sochi claiming the top spot -- 18-year-old Gracie Gold finished fourth, 22-year-old Ashley Wagner seventh and 15-year-old Polina Edmunds ninth -- the American gold-medal drought continues until at least the 2018 Olympic Games.

If at first you don't succeed ...

January, 10, 2014
Michelle Kwan and Tara LipinskiEric Feferberg/AFP/Getty ImagesMichelle Kwan, left, was the U.S. champion in 1998, but Tara Lipinksi, center, went on to win Olympic gold in Nagano.

With three Olympic bids on the line, all eyes will be the women's free skate at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Boston on Saturday night. Gracie Gold will take the lead into the final skate after her dazzling performance in Thursday's short program. Polina Edmunds is in second, followed by Mirai Nagasu in third and defending U.S. champion Ashley Wagner in fourth. But recent history indicates that it might be better to not finish in first. The last American to win the U.S. title and go on to win the Olympic gold medal the same year was Kristi Yamaguchi in 1992. The last American to strike Olympic gold, Sarah Hughes in 2002, finished third at the U.S. Championships that year. At the previous Olympics, Tara Lipinski took home gold after finishing second at the U.S. Championships. Michelle Kwan, the U.S. champion in both 1998 and 2002, finished with the silver and bronze medals respectively.