Mailbag: Ted Thompson's future and more

Each week, I will ask for questions via Twitter with the hashtag #PackersMail and then will deliver the answers over the weekend.

Demovsky: Given that Jordy Nelson is in the final year of his contract and Ted Thompson is under contract through the 2016 draft, it's a good bet that Nelson's deal will get done well before Thompson's. Even though Packers president Mark Murphy said last week that keeping Thompson long term is "a top priority," there's little urgency to get anything done at this point. Maybe I'm just skeptical, but I'm still not 100 percent convinced that Thompson will do another deal despite both his and Murphy's insistence that Thompson wants to keep going. He's 61 years old, and I've had plenty of people tell me they wouldn't be surprised if Thompson walked away after his current deal expires.

Demovsky: They're going to work hand in hand and it's going to be a first for both of them, having another Pro Bowl pass-rusher alongside. The way things looked this offseason, the Packers are going to keep them on opposite sides, so it will be interesting to see how opposing offenses gear their blocking schemes. Will they still skew toward Clay Matthews and take their chances one on one with Julius Peppers? That's the guess here given that there are questions about Peppers' ability to still be effective down in and down out at age 34.

Demovsky: You could argue that one has an impact on the other. But when it comes to health, it's more about who gets injured than how many players get hurt. That was proven in 2010, when the Packers won the Super Bowl despite 15 players on injured reserve. Every team has a handful of players that they simply cannot afford to lose for any significant length of time. Last year, the Packers lost two of them - Aaron Rodgers and Matthews.

Demovsky: Given John Kuhn's popularity, it's not out of the question. Fullbacks have a hard time getting into Canton, but the Packers Hall of Fame is a different story. William Henderson, the Packers' fullback during their Super Bowl teams in the 1990s, is already in the team's hall of fame, so there's a precedent there - not that there's anything scientific about how the Packers' Hall of Fame works.

Demovsky: Finally, a question I'm qualified to answer! There are plenty of places around the stadium - from The Bar to Stadium View to Anduzzi's to the Distillery. They are your typical sports bars. But if you something with a little bit more of an old-school Green Bay feel, you can't go wrong at Kroll's. I'm a big fan of trying to revitalize the downtown area, so if you have a chance you should head down there. There are a couple of nice spots along the river, Fox Harbor and Hagemeister Park.