Starter Pack: One year after 'Fail Mary'

A roundup of what’s happening on the Green Bay Packers beat.

Monday night was the one-year anniversary of the Packers’ controversial loss at Seattle on "Monday Night Football" in a game that will probably forever be known as the “Fail Mary” game.

It’s a game that Packers fans surely want to forget but probably never will -- a fact that is not lost on ESPN’s Mike Tirico, who called that game as the voice of "Monday Night Football."

In an interview with ESPN’s Front Row, Tirico discussed the game and the impact it made on Packers fans in Wisconsin and beyond.

“When I did a couple of Wisconsin basketball games during the Big Ten season, people brought it up pretty often,” Tirico said. “It certainly comes up, and it’s in our mind anytime there’s a Hail Mary. You’re thinking, ‘What’s going to happen here? You know what happened in Seattle.’”

That Week 3 loss left the Packers with a 1-2 record. They’re sitting on the same mark now after three games, but think how much differently -- not necessarily better or worse, but differently -- Packers fans feel today than they did a year ago.