Aaron Rodgers' best accomplishment in 2015: Staying healthy despite sacks

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- At this point, the most remarkable thing about Aaron Rodgers' season is that he’s relatively healthy heading into the playoffs.

He was sacked 46 times in 16 games, the third-highest total since he became the Green Bay Packers' starter in 2008. Only Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles (51 sacks) was dropped more than Rodgers this season.

Yet he was listed on the injury report for only one week this season, with a right shoulder problem leading up to the Nov. 22 game in Minnesota.

"Yeah, I’m all right," Rodgers said after he was sacked five times in Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Vikings. "I’m proud of the fact I was able to start all 16. It’s a goal every year. We’re all banged up at this time of year, but a normal week will definitely help with the healing process."

Rodgers was sacked 13 times in the final two weeks of the season.

He hasn't been sacked this many times in a season since 2012, when he was dropped a career-high 51 times. In 2009, he was sacked 50 times.

Here’s a look at Rodgers’ other key numbers this season and where they rank in his eight years as a starter:

  • Completion percentage: 60.7 (lowest, previous low 63.6 in 2008)

  • Yards per attempt: 6.7 (lowest, previous low 7.5 in 2008)

  • Passer rating: 92.7 (lowest, previous low 93.8 in 2008)

  • Touchdowns: 31 (fourth most)

  • Interceptions: 8 (tied for fifth fewest)

  • Passing yards: 3,821 (seventh, only season lower was 2013 when he missed seven starts)

  • Wins: 10 (tied for fifth most)