Cobb: Rodgers' saga was 'deflating'

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Randall Cobb wasn’t even able to play at the time and even from the sideline, the Green Bay Packers receiver felt the emotional impact of the drawn-out process of whether quarterback Aaron Rodgers would return from his fractured collarbone.

In an interview from Super Bowl XLVIII on ESPN Radio’s SVP & Russillo, Cobb described the impact that the weekly uncertainty about Rodgers’ return had on the Packers.

“It was kind of deflating as a team because we wanted our guy out there, and he wanted to be out there,” Cobb said. “But the medical staff and the coaching staff didn’t feel like it was time. We understood where they’re coming from, but it’s deflating when the guy wants to be out there and he can’t be out there because they won’t allow him.”

That said, Cobb, who was on injured reserve/designated to return because of the fractured tibia he sustained on Oct. 13 against the Baltimore Ravens, understood the process.

“It was all for his safety, and sometimes you need that from the training staff and the coaches to protect you from yourself,” Cobb said. “If Aaron would have went back out there earlier, who knows what would have happened?”

Like Rodgers, Cobb returned against the Chicago Bears in the regular-season finale, when they hooked up for the game-winning, 48-yard touchdown pass in the final minute that gave the Packers the NFC North title with an 8-7-1 record.

With their starting quarterback and top receiver back plus the emergence of rookie running back Eddie Lacy, Cobb said there was the feeling that the Packers could make a playoff run, which made it all that much tougher to accept that they were a one-and-done team after losing a home wild-card game to the San Francisco 49ers.

Cobb said the loss will linger “forever.”

“You never know when you’re going to get in there,” Cobb said. “Every year’s different, every year has different obstacles, and we were able to overcome a lot of obstacles this past season and get into the tournament and have that opportunity. We didn’t cash in on that opportunity to make the most of it.”

Cobb said he will remain in the New York area through the end of the week but won’t stay for the game. (By the way, he picked the Denver Broncos to win). He is scheduled to appear in the Broadway musical Rock of Ages on Tuesday night and at the NFL Honors program on Friday.